Miraculous Scientific Magic


Course Description


  1. To train the flexibility of students’ hand and brain
  2. To improve students’ scientific knowledge through magic
  3. To improve students’ critical thinking and nurture children’s interest in exploring science
  4. To inspire students’ multiple intelligences


Course content:

Scientific magic is a magic show by scientific principles and natural changes. Science magic is based on daily objects, no special prop is needed, children only need to understand the scientific principles of magic, they can quickly become a small magician. The ” Miraculous Science Magic” course will teach children a variety of science-based magic, such as magnetic, static, friction, etc., so that children can understand different scientific principles in the process of learning magic, cultivate children’s interest in exploring science, and enhance the critical thinking ability. In addition, the scientific magic requires children’s hands and brains to cooperate, and the training process can effectively train children’s hand and brain flexibility, strengthen brain development, and inspire creative thinking.


Suggested Content:

  1. The first stage is about physical science such as water density, optical principles and air pressure etc.
  2. The second stage is mixed with physical and chemistry science such as the friction, heat, characteristics of carbon dioxide and vitamin C etc.
  3. The third stage will be more complicated science principle such as magnetic force, carbohydrates and solvents etc.