Scratch Coding Course


Course Description

  1. Graphical programming software
  2. Replace complicated and dull text coding with blocks and images
  3. Let students master the programming concept by planning an animation game
  4. Cartoon image


Scratch is a computer program development platform developed by the MIT Media Lab. Students can use Scratch coding platform to create a variety of cartoon animations and games. Students can also share their works on the online platform to encourage students to create their own. Scratch control platform is easy to learn, replacing blocks and images with complex and boring text codes, so that students can enjoy the fun of coding.



1. Basic Control 6. Look (Create Characters)
2. Logic 7. Data (Create Variables)
3. Events (Loops) 8. Sensing
4. Motions (Directions and positions) 9. Operators (Calculations)
5. Pen (Graphic design) 10.Stage