About Our Team

STEAM Academy was founded by a group of young experts with innovative technology and educational experience. We hope that with the knowledge and experience accumulated by the team in the scientific and technological field, we will provide innovative science and technology courses to our students and cultivate more innovative elites who will lead the future development of technology.


The courses offered by STEAM Academy will be based on the principles of Creative, Hands-on, Innovative and Problem-solving. Through a variety of simple and easy-to-follow practical teaching, the course will enable students to understand and learn programming knowledge, enhance their ability to solve problems, and exert unlimited creativity.


Here in STEAM Academy, we encourage our students to think about how to accomplish their tasks in the most creative way possible, without binding them with an inherent answer.


Talent is the foundation of development. Our vision is to nurture 10,000 young talents in science and technology by 2030.


We will continue to deliver the following values ​​to make Hong Kong an international creative center:


S – Sustainability for youth

T – Transfer know how

E – Exploring innovative ideas

A – Acquire technical skills

M – Maker